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Thank you so much!
The links need to be redone but SolStew made a "How To" post about it here:
LadySOL the image button is back. Simply put up your photos somewhere on the web like photobucket or somewhere else and right click "copy image address", then select the "image" icon from the top row of buttons. You have to be in full post mode as you don't get the button seleciton in "quick reply" mode.
I think the post picture button is missing LadySOL. For now you have to post them to photobucket and use the copy link feature there to get the html code.
Hate to ask, but how does one post pictures? Smile
nope. Havent had time. This weekend hopefully i can. I need to change the positive terminal also.
Welll? Fixed yet?
I have that one. I think its going to be the ground in the dash harness
Don't forget the negative from the battery to the chock tower.
lol. No power at all. Not even the lights. I think iforgot to hook up the ground near the radio
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