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Awesome. sounds good.
Sweet, looking forward to it.
We are about to launch Team Sol int again. This site is a chapter of TSI. so, there will be a group page for TSCAL on TSI.
Do we have a facebook group?
DreamM o _ 0 wow that sounds awesome. I am trying to keep mine stock as long as I can.
Yeah had a b16a motor with a b16 trans. throwing that in the rhd since ls trans that i have is shot. Might throw the b20 in that sol and leave it LHD or Send it out to get RHD converted also. Not sure yet.
DonDunkler that is Awesome for sure great find. My new to me baby car 1993 Honda Civic Del Sol D16Z6 - 1.6L SOCH VTEC Serial # 003644. She was delivered to 1st. Owner 10-06-1992 Made in Japan and I am so lucky to have aquired her 05-03-2017 as the proud 2nd. Owner. She has less then 128,000 miles. By chance are there any members in Idaho? I made a Facebook Group Page just the other day called Honda Del Sol Idaho but anyone can join the more people the better I can always change the area. I'm hoping to make it a fun place to visit.
I got it end of June, this year.
Thanks so much for the welcome. Can't wait to do some cruises, and start posting work on the car. Right now is just a research/maintainance stage. I got it for a steal. Its a 97 VTEC, almost all stock from what it looks like, great condition, for 2500.
@DreaM o_0 another one? lol Wink
Nice to see a new name. I am new myself since June. I aquired my new to me 93 Del Sol in May.
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