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Thanks tucks!! hate those fucking thieves
Thanks 93EH6Si. I didn't have a kill switch, but seems like they never got close to starting it - so they janked my wiring and ignition barrel instead. But yeah, seems like the work of some punks and not someone hungry for a dollar. Caution to everyone, just a reminder that we are driving 90's hondas :<
Sorry to hear about this Klav07. Did your Sol have a kill switch installed? Hopefully everything gets resolved. It's unfortunate that people have so little to do with their lives.
Wow fellas. So, last night, my sol was broken into :/. I think whoever did it attempted to steal the car, probably for a joyride - it is quite modified from the exterior but I highly doubt anyone would try to chop n flip it... My under dash panels, wiring harness, alarm, all ripped out and cut up. Ignition barrel is hella jank. Exterior door handles busted up.They got into it by prying the passenger door handle off - not by breaking the window, so seems like they kind of knew what they were doing. Its a damn shame, gonna see on monday what the insurance wants to do with it. :<
its ok no problem.
I think I almost have 500mb of del sol related photos which I will have to go through individually and repost them into my bare your sol forum etc so other people can see what I did in terms of install bits etc. I don't want to impose Onyx.
Yeah, I noticed... pretty sad, I've been using photobucket since junior high and now I cant see any of their pics with adblocker? Blasphemy!
wow, if you ned them to me i can put them up on my website that way you can post them herer or wherever, how many picts?
photobucket is getting greedy so i deleted my account and downloaded all my albums i had on their website.
yup a lot of them look Iike knockoffs from other kits of the past.
No prob. They had some decent looking things there to be quite honest - the sub enclosure and a bumper or two. Shame there isn't much more info bout em
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